The challenge for trucking companies to find enough qualified drivers is an ongoing issue. The effects of the driver shortage can be felt throughout our nation’s economy with over 70% of all freight being moved on the nation’s highways. According to a recent industry study, over the next decade, the trucking industry will need to hire an additional 890,000 new drivers. The GOOD NEWS for you is this shortage has driven up driver pay and benefits.

It is our goal at Carolina Trucking Academy to have a job commitment for each truck driver student on the day they complete our CDL training program. We are able to accomplish this by a qualification process that matches each CDL student to the best company based on student qualifications and company requirements. Carolina Trucking is proud to partner with some of the most “employee friendly” companies in the industry.

Companies’ Partnership

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Graduation form our program does not insure that you will get a job. For job placement statistics, consult our office at 919-329-0632. We are very proud of our completion and job placement track record at Carolina Trucking Academy.

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